Leeds at COP26: Watch on-demand

Did you miss the Leeds at COP26 event? Watch the recording and catch up on key updates regarding the upcoming climate conference.

Leeds at COP26 visual

The Leeds at COP26 event was held online on Tuesday 26 October, outlining our aims and ambitions for the upcoming climate negotiations in Glasgow.

As well as providing context to the importance of COP26 and emphasising the urgency to tackle climate change, the event focussed on our delegation and clarified the objectives for a number of Leeds researchers attending COP26.

Attendees were also provided with an opportunity to ask any questions they may have, which were answered by our climate experts, and forward on any messages they would like the University to express at COP26.

Watch the recording

To find out more about all of the above, watch the recording of our Leeds at COP26 event.

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