Leeds at COP26

With Leeds researchers helping to make the upcoming climate summit a success, join the COP26 Virtual Hub and find all the key updates for the climate conference.

COP26 will bring parties together to accelerate climate action necessary to limit global warming

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The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP26, will bring together almost every country on earth for a global climate summit to reach agreements on how to tackle climate change.

As an official observer of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the University is sending a delegation to attend COP26 on Sunday 31 October – Friday 12 November in Glasgow. 

With COP26 just a matter of days away, we want to ensure staff and postgraduate researchers have all the necessary information to help them best participate with the climate conference.

The COP26 Virtual Hub has been designed to help you do just that – you can watch, read and listen to all of our COP26 updates. There is also a discussion space so you can engage with the most important climate negotiations to date.

To join the COP26 Virtual Hub you must request to join the Engaged Research team and wait for your request to be approved. Once you are able to view the Engaged Research Micosoft Teams page, you will now be able to access the COP26 Virtual Hub via the Microsoft Teams channel.

Leeds researchers will be involved in hosting events and exhibits, as well contributing to the accountability of the process, and using the opportunity to meet with a wide range key stakeholders. 

By joining the hub and participating with COP26, this allows for you, and the University community, to engage with the processes taking place in Glasgow. 

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