Creating a Fairer Future for All

Read about our aims to create a fairer future for all and our pledges to all colleagues. Email sent to all colleagues on Tuesday 12 October. 

Dear colleagues,  

In my Inside Track last week, I said that if we are to create a fairer future for our world, we need to think about how we build a fairer future for our hardworking staff and students. Today, I am pleased to share with you how this will be achieved. 

A Fairer Future for All 

Our strategy for the next 10 years is rooted in our place in the world and our desire to make a difference.  It sets a blueprint for a values-driven University that helps shape a better future for humanity, working through collaboration to tackle inequalities, achieve societal impact and drive change.  It sets out our ambitions to create a Fairer Future for All – for our staff, our students and our wider global community. 

Together our diverse community will help achieve a better future. You, our colleagues, are the heart of that community. And, to play your part we recognise that you need to be healthy and fulfilled.   

So here today, I make three pledges to you:

  • We will reduce short-term contracts and boost job security 
  • We will support a healthy and fulfilled staff community 
  • We will create opportunity and celebrate achievements 

We have prioritised activity to deliver these pledges that will be applied consistently and transparently across all areas of the University. We will share information about opportunities to get involved in shaping this. 

You can read more detailed information on each pledge and we will say more about our commitments to students and the wider global community over the coming months. 

Unfortunately, not every issue we face is solely within our gift to address. The ongoing concerns around the future of the USS pension scheme must be resolved at a national level.  As you may be aware, the UCU is moving to a ballot for industrial action on this, alongside pay and other related issues.  

While I completely understand the frustrations and sentiments behind the UCU ballot, it needs to be resolved nationally through consensus, at the negotiating table, rather than by conflict.

Delivering on our pledges is very important. We are committed to doing this properly and in a sustainable way. Whilst some changes can happen quickly, some will require a longer-term approach and we will engage with and listen to all key stakeholders - including colleagues - throughout, working collaboratively to share progress along the way.   

Look out for further information about our Leeds Conversations open event where you can find out more and get involved. 

With best wishes,  

Simone Buitendijk  

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