Delivering Research IT for the future

The University strategy – Universal Values, Global Change – sets out our ambitions to be at the centre of a global research community and deliver fundamental, challenge-led and sustainable research.

To do this, we need active engagement with digital technologies underpinned by secure systems and processes to manage, analyse and store data that will enrich and facilitate our research activity.  

We recognise that services provided by our IT team are an essential part of efficient and productive research. With this in mind, researchers across the University are being asked to shape the future of Research IT for the next generation. 

Commissioned by Professor Nick Plant, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Innovation and Research, and led by Ceri Williams in her role of chair of the Research IT Strategy Steering group, a consultation on the development of our Research IT is now underway in partnership with a specialist team from Red Oak Consulting. 

The Research IT strategy will provide us with a view of how technology will support research in the future alongside a roadmap for delivering the changes we need.  

Nick Plant said: “Research IT is crucial for us to achieve our goal of being at the heart of the global research community, delivering fundamental, impactful and sustainable research. I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts and ideas as together we shape our research future.”  

The consultation process 

Key academics have already been nominated from each faculty to contribute to the consultation through initial meetings with Red Oak. These have focussed understanding around future Research IT requirements. In the next week we are opening up that process so everyone has the opportunity to contribute. Please keep an eye on your inboxes for how you can get involved.  

What next?  

The consultation is underway and will be completed by the end of 2021. Following this, we will develop a business case, which we anticipate taking to the University Executive Group for approval in early 2022. 

We are planning to run open meetings later in the year to share feedback and discuss themes that have been identified from the consultation and we will share the final version of the approved strategy in 2022. 

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