Climate crisis stoppage

An event is taking place in Leeds on Friday 24 September as part of a global youth campaign to take action on the climate crisis.

We’re supporting the call for a one-hour stoppage to highlight the climate crisis

Photograph of the Great Hall

Our planet faces unprecedented challenges, including climate change, and the University supports the drive for comprehensive, sustainable and enduring action to try and address them.

Our new strategy for 2020-30 – Universal Values, Global Change – sets a blueprint for a values-driven university. One that harnesses its expertise in research and education to help shape a better future for humanity, working through collaboration to tackle inequalities, achieve societal impact and drive change.

We’re committed to taking action on climate change through our Seven Climate Principles, and we use these to guide all University activity in moving towards a sustainable, low-carbon future.

As such, we continue to support young people, including our own students, who are drawing attention to the need for climate action.

It has therefore been agreed that we will support the call for a one-hour stoppage on Friday 24 September. If you choose to participate, this will be in addition to any allocated time for lunch.

An interdisciplinary team of climate researchers from the Priestley International Centre for Climate will be attending the event in Millennium Square, from 3-6pm on Friday 24 September, with a stall called ‘Ask a Climate Researcher’.

How do I participate?

All staff are free to participate if they can. The official stoppage period is for one hour between 4 and 5pm on Friday 24 September, and you can use the time as you wish. If you have something important to do at that time, then you may wish to show your support earlier or later in the day.

What can I use the time for?

The stoppage is an expression of solidarity with young people highlighting the issue of climate change. We’re aware that our recognised trades unions will be supporting the youth activities in Leeds on that day and you may wish to join them.

Do I have to participate?

No. It’s a personal choice whether to participate.

What if I want to participate for longer than an hour?

The University is supporting the one-hour stoppage only and we trust you to observe this appropriately. This is in addition to any allocated time for lunch.

Could I take time on a different day?

No. The protest in Leeds and the stoppage is planned for Friday 24 September. A significant purpose of the event is to show solidarity by all participating on the same day.

Do I need to let my line manager know?

Yes please. As a courtesy, you should let your line manager know that you intend to join the stoppage. The purpose of the stoppage is to show solidarity with those attending the event and not to disrupt the work of the University, so please talk to your colleagues and plan your work accordingly.

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