Introducing Curriculum Redefined

Find out why and how we’re reviewing and refreshing our undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes over the next five years and register your place to discover more.

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Leading research universities such as ours have a unique role to play in shaping a better future for humanity. To do so, our educational programmes must be transformative and focused on helping students from diverse backgrounds to develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed and make a positive impact on the world.  

This is why we are redefining our curriculum. 

Curriculum Redefined will embark on a University-wide review to refresh all of our undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes over the next five years. The project will then embed our frameworks and new ways of working over a second five-year phase.  

This is an exciting opportunity to adopt active and inclusive approaches to learning and teaching and at the same time address student and staff workloads and simplify processes. It will also open the door to training, development and career opportunities for new and existing staff.  

The key elements to the Curriculum Redefined vision are:  

  • A new pedagogical framework based on:  
    • active and inclusive approaches to learning; 
    • integrated and effective use of digital technologies; 
    • evidenced-based approaches that develop broad graduate attributes alongside deep subject knowledge; and 
    • authentic assessment strategies that support, as well as assess, student understanding and skills development. 
  • Reducing complexity through: 
    • a simplified and consistent curriculum model with standard module sizes; 
    • clear pathways through each programme of study; 
    • offering fewer modules and programmes overall; and 
    • achieving sufficient space and flexibility in each programme to allow all students to have increased choice and opportunities to personalise their learning. 

University 2020-30 Strategy 

Curriculum Redefined is a key enabler for the 2020-30 University Strategy, acting as the main vehicle for change for student education as well as supporting digital transformation, international and research innovation. 

As part of the University Strategy, the student education delivery plan 2020-2025, sets out four strategic objectives: 

  • Partnership: Engage students as partners in their education, through active, inclusive and research-based approaches to learning. 
  • Transformation: Provide an outstanding education, that is evidence-based, improves students’ learning outcomes, and is underpinned and enhanced by sector-leading pedagogies, digital resources and technologies. 
  • Belonging: Foster an engaged and lifelong community of students, staff, alumni and partners. 
  • Sustainability: Embed a sustainable approach to delivering high-quality, research-based education. 

Curriculum Redefined will underpin the delivery of these strategic objectives and the student education vision.  

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