Passion and dedication are honoured

‘Incredible dedication’ to fellow students in the face of adversity has been recognised in a prestigious awards scheme.

Aysha Burton and Kareena Julier, joint winners of the Student Academic Rep of the Year Award

Leeds Partnership Awards 2021 Student Academic Rep of the Year. August 2021

The latest in our feature series – profiling winners in all 14 categories of this year’s Leeds Partnership Awards – highlights the outstanding accomplishments of recipients of the Student Academic Rep of the Year accolade.

The coveted awards celebrate those people who truly put into practice the Leeds Partnership – an agreement setting out our shared commitment to work together to support all aspects of our University community.

And with nearly 2,200 nominations, there has been plenty to celebrate.

The Student Academic Rep of the Year Award celebrates the school, course or postgraduate research reps who’ve actively worked in partnership with others to secure positive, student-led change.

Joint winners of the accolade were Aysha Burton and Kareena Julier.

Improving experiences

Antonia Nita, Academic Engagement Manager at Leeds University Union, was among those to nominate Aysha – School Rep for Molecular and Cellular Biology – for the award.

She said: “After almost two years of working with Aysha in her role as a school rep, I can confidently say she’s an incredibly dedicated student leader.

“Despite dealing with difficult situations in her role, Aysha worked extremely hard to ensure that the student voice was heard within her school and faculty. She attended meetings regularly and communicated with staff members at both school and faculty level to ensure students’ concerns were passed on and that their experience improved at every step.

“Despite facing challenges, she went above and beyond to ensure that students’ concerns relating to an incident during exams were addressed, showing how much she cares about her responsibility and helping others.

“I know how difficult it was for her and I cannot thank Aysha enough for showing so much passion and dedication. I believe she deserves to be recognised for all this hard work.”

Speaking about her award, Aysha said: “This award means so much at the end of my time as both a school rep and student here at Leeds.

“I’ve loved my time working with, and for, students of the school and I can happily say I’ve made a difference I can be proud of.”

Leeds Partnership Awards 2021 Student Academic Rep of the Year. August 2021

Aysha Burton, School Rep for Molecular and Cellular Biology

An experience to treasure

Kareena was School Rep for Biomedical Sciences for two years.

She said: “I’m delighted to have received this award in recognition of the progress and achievements I’ve made in the school and the Faculty of Biological Sciences alongside the amazing staff members in the faculty, especially my school’s Director of Student Education, Dr Charlotte Haigh.

“Winning this award was a wonderful way to end my time at Leeds and my role as school rep, which is an experience I shall treasure forever. Congratulations to all the winners this year!”

Leeds Partnership Awards 2021 Student Academic Rep of the Year. August 2021

Kareena Julier, School Rep for Biomedical Sciences

Further information

More in-depth profiles of each of the winners will appear on the For Staff website during the coming weeks. These will also be promoted via the weekly All Staff enewsletters and the Staff Twitter account.

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