Clearing and confirmation at Leeds

Courses at Leeds are in high demand this year and as a result, we do not have any undergraduate vacancies for clearing or adjustment for 2021.

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You may be aware that this year an unprecedented number of students have achieved their university place across a wide range of subjects nationwide.

Leeds is a popular university and this has resulted in exceptional numbers of students securing their place with us for 2021. Similar to other universities nationwide, we are taking steps to meet this demand – we are not participating in clearing this year, and we are only confirming applicants wanting to study at Leeds who have met or exceeded the terms of their offer.

Schools of Business and Law

The combination of subject demand, the popularity of the University of Leeds, and the much higher than expected numbers of students awarded the highest grades has resulted in an unprecedented increase in the number of students we have to accept into the Schools of Business and Law.

To help us ensure the highest quality of education and experience in the relevant subjects, we are offering a deferral package for a limited number of students, on specific programmes in these schools. The package includes:

  • A £10,000 cash payment;
  • Free university accommodation for the 2022/23 academic year;
  • An online support package to help deferring students prepare for university study and to bring them into our community before they join us.

Professor Peter Jimack, Interim Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Education, said:

“This is an unprecedented situation and it calls for unprecedented steps. We know that an incentivised deferral won’t be right for everyone, and we urge our future students to think very carefully before accepting this offer, which will be limited and on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. 

“However, in some situations it might support the students’ personal and financial circumstances, while enabling us to ensure we continue to provide the very best educational experience in the subject areas affected.

“But the bottom line is that any student who has met the entry requirements can study with us this coming year if they choose to do so, and benefit from a Leeds education.”

Only a limited number of these incentive packages are available and will only apply to certain programmes in the Schools of Business and Law. All eligible students have now been contacted, by email, about this offer.

We are confident that we can accommodate all other successful offer holders across the many hundreds of other courses that we provide.

School of Medicine

With full financial support from the Government, we are also creating an extra 30 places to study medicine, allowing students who are holding places at universities that are oversubscribed to transfer to Leeds.

Professor Jimack said: "We recognise that there is a national need and we know from the last 18 months how important our doctors and nurses are.

"So we're stepping-up and making available some additional places to students from oversubscribed universities to come and study with us at Leeds."

These additional places are ring-fenced in a closed transfer scheme and only students who are holding an unconditional offer for this year, at an over-subscribed medical school, can apply. Eligible students have been contacted by their own institutions to inform them of the process.

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