Flexible calling with Teams Voice

During the next few months, the Microsoft Teams phone system (Teams Voice) will be rolled out across the University.

The pandemic has resulted in a dramatic shift in the way we work. Although some people are back on campus, many of us are working from home at least part of the time. While the rapid introduction of new technologies such as Microsoft Teams have allowed us to keep meeting, our phones are still sat on our desks.  

During the next few months, the Microsoft Teams phone system (Teams Voice) will be rolled out across the University, giving you the flexibility to make and receive phone telephone calls from wherever you are. You’ll keep your existing extension number where possible and still have all the features you’d expect from a phone system, including voicemail, hunt and pickup groups etc but with all the additional functions of Microsoft Teams. 

Calls will come through direct to Microsoft Teams, meaning you can pick them up from your computer, mobile phone or mobile device – wherever you have Teams installed. Whether you’re working on or off campus, your calls will automatically come to wherever you are logged in. You’ll be able to call someone direct from their contact details or by entering their phone number.  

When is it happening?  

Phase one will start towards the end of August/early September, with staff in the new Sir William Henry Bragg building and Leeds Institute of Clinical Trials Research (LICTR) being migrated in the first week. Everyone who has a standard phone configuration will then follow. That means it will not include colleagues working in a call centre or who have more complex requirements, for example those who are in ‘hunt’ groups. This phase is expected to take about 10 weeks to complete.  

We will be consulting with faculties and services on the times to move people to minimise disruption and prioritise colleagues who are already working partly on campus. 

During the first phase we will also be looking at the requirements for more complex users, and planning for subsequent migrations.  

Find out more

Watch the recording of a presentation held for Telephone Liaison Officers and see the IT website to find out how to use Teams Voice or read the FAQs on the IT website.