Changes to the UK aid budget: register your interest to support parliamentary scrutiny

You can register your relevant existing or planned research, your insights or your suggested scrutiny questions to the International Development Committee.

The International Development Committee has launched an area of research interest (ARI), ‘Changes to the UK aid budget’, designed to help reinforce the Committee’s scrutiny of changes to the UK’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) budget, the Integrated Review and the forthcoming Development Strategy (which will guide UK aid from 2022 onwards).

Read more about the International Development Committee ARI: changes to the UK aid budget 

How can I engage? 

Academics at all career stages, research institutions, and experts are encouraged to register their interest in this ARI, add their existing research and any planned research in this topic area to the ARI repository, provide their insights, and suggest questions that the Committee could be asking to the Government in the short, medium, and long-term.

Those who respond to the survey will be entered onto a database of experts who may be contacted by parliamentary staff in order to help them scrutinise government in this area of interest. If you have evidence or insights on the ARI you can add information about the research and your contact details to the repository. If this area becomes a topic of scrutiny within Parliament, parliamentary staff may search the repository for relevant research and contacts. 

If you do register, please advise Juliet Jopson at Policy Leeds so that appropriate support can be put in place should you be called by the committee.

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