Digital content reuse policy: have your say

Our emerging Digital Transformation Strategy includes ambitions to grow the amount of digital content we create, share and publish to support our research, impact, education and training activities.

Traditionally, academics have created learning resources individually. However, it’s increasingly common for digital resources to be created through a team approach, where academic experts work with learning designers, educational technologists and video production teams.

Many academic colleagues will have created digital content for use in a variety of scenarios, and may have signed ‘contributor release forms’ to signify how this content will be used.

However, as the volume of digital content we create, use, reuse and repurpose grows, we want to establish clear principles about how and where this new content can and will be used to increase transparency and clarity for colleagues.

In general, there are three elements to the policy position – (i) ownership; (ii) authorship; and (iii) usage. We’ve drafted a set of principles to help clarify the situation in respect to all three elements, and now we’d like to hear your views about them.

Please email your comments on the draft policy by Friday 26 February.

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