Revised personal data retention schedule announced

The University has revised its data retention schedule.

Knowing the best place to store you data – and how long for – is vital

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It’s really important everyone is storing data for the correct length of time, particularly for personal data in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements.

The new schedule is available for download on our Data Protection website, in the ‘How long can I keep personal data?’ section.

The retention schedule describes the time periods for which records should be retained by the University in order to comply with operational and legal requirements, including data protection legislation.

It applies anywhere University data is stored, such as on email and other Office 365 apps, including OneDrive, Teams and Teams chat.

The document provides guidance on the storage of data related to every aspect of University activity, from teaching, research and student support to professional services and beyond.

It also includes details on core academic data to be kept in perpetuity, employee data to be retained, data subject definitions and archive management.

Colleagues are asked to use the retention schedule to identify data that is out of date and start to delete it during the next few months.

It’s also an ideal time to revisit data held on the M: and N: drives and delete any information that should be removed, as the rollout of further analysis and movement of data will begin in January 2021. 

The IT Knowledge base contains guidance on how to access your M: and N: drives from home through the Virtual Windows Desktop.

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