Taking a break: Annual Leave

Our physical and mental health and wellbeing is important and never more so than during the challenges faced over the last six months and those likely to continue due to the global pandemic.

An important way that we can look after ourselves is by taking regular breaks from work (switching your computer off / leaving your workplace, not checking emails ‘out of hours’, taking at least a 30 minute break in the middle of your working day), whether that work is campus based or delivered from our ‘spare’ bedrooms or kitchens. 

The start of the new academic and annual leave years is the perfect opportunity to discuss plans with colleagues and managers and schedule your annual leave. It is important to ensure that we all take leave at regular intervals throughout the year to rest and recuperate. 

The two University-wide annual leave policies (links below) have not changed and continue to apply, including the possibility of carrying some leave into the following year, with the agreement of your manager; they support the fair and consistent use of annual leave to be taken throughout the annual leave year. Further support or guidance, if needed, is always available from Faculty/Service HR teams and, if you are a member, your Trade Union. 

Support staff annual leave 

Academic and academic related (professional and managerial) staff annual leave

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