What’s new in Mediasite?

Mediasite – the University’s Lecture Capture and Media Management service – will undergo a series of improvements.

A number of enhancements are coming to Mediasite

Lecture capture July 2019

In the coming weeks, colleagues can expect to see a number of enhancements to the solution which is used to host all lecture capture recordings, ad-hoc recordings and uploaded digital media (for example personal captures).  

The Digital Education Service are also taking this opportunity to remind colleagues of the lecture capture retention and deletion policy, as well as the personal quotas for content uploaded to Mediasite.

Upcoming changes

Move to cloud hosting

Mediasite is being moved into the cloud ahead of the new academic year. This will bring a more reliable service, performance improvements and options to expand the service more easily in the future.

What you need to know 

The transition to cloud hosting will commence on 17 September and conclude on 20 September 2020. During this period of essential maintenance, the service should be considered at risk. You may be impacted in the following ways:

  • You will be able to create content and add it to a module but it won’t appear in the module Media area until the full Mediasite service is restored.
  • There may be a delay in uploading and processing recordings. After the maintenance period is complete, if you still haven’t received your recording, please contact the IT Service Desk as it may need to be manually uploaded.
  • Whilst the Mediasite search index is being updated, students may not see all content linked or embedded within a module.
  • Full search functionality won’t be available but some content will still be available to watch.

Mediasite Mosaic

Mediasite Mosaic is a brand-new recording app. It offers a redesigned interface, which is much easier to use. It also includes more flexible recording options and allows bulk upload of content to Mediasite.

Currently, it is only available on MacOS Catalina, but a Windows version is being tested. We hope to release this before the start of teaching but the Mediasite Desktop Recorder will continue to be available

The IT Knowledgebase contains more information on recording content using Mediasite Mosaic.  

Record Now

A new version of this ad-hoc recording application is now available, as part of Mediasite’s move to cloud hosting. Record Now enables you to pause and end the recording using the PC itself rather than just relying on the red button on the lectern. See the IT Knowledge Base article for further information.

Automated captioning

Automated captioning will be implemented in Mediasite before Wednesday 23 September. You can review and edit captions, if needed, using the Caption Editor.

The IT Knowledgebase has further information on automated captioning for Mediasite content.   

Reminders for colleagues

Personal quotas

All content uploaded to Mediasite (or recorded using the Mediasite Desktop Recorder or Record Now) counts towards your personal quota. We recommend moving your content to a module folder where possible

Alternatively, you can request an increase to your personal quota.

Lecture capture retention and deletion policy

Colleagues are reminded that, in preparation for the move to cloud hosting, a change to the lecture capture deletion and retention policy was implemented from 1 September 2019. The policy now states that scheduled lecture recordings are only retained for a period of two years. This applies to recordings created prior to, and after,1 September 2019. 

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