Changes to parking on campus

On 7 September, free parking on campus will end and a temporary permit system will be introduced. Follow this guidance if you are working on campus and need a permit or if you hold an existing permit.

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For colleagues planning their commute to campus, we are enhancing active travel provisions, giving advice on the public transport options available in Leeds and offering individual travel planning where required. Head to the commuting to campus page to learn more about your different travel and commuting options. 

Parking on campus 

As we enter period two of our approach to planning the return to campus, free parking on campus during core hours will come to an end from 7 September 2020 (you can read more about our approach in the email sent to all colleagues on 4 June).  

As many colleagues will continue to work from home, a new temporary interim permit system will be introduced for those who do require parking. These arrangements are expected to continue whilst social distancing measures remain in place (expected to be until at least the end of 2020). 

Key changes to parking for staff from 7 September   

  • Free parking during core hours (7am – 5pm, Monday – Friday) will end at 7am on Monday 7 September. Free staff parking outside of these core hours will continue as usual. 
  • All staff who are required to work on campus and would like to park will need to hold a new interim parking permit, or pay the new daily parking rate of £5. You can apply for a new interim permit on the ParkIT webpage. Please note, to access the ParkIT website off campus, you need to log in via the Virtual Windows Desktop
  • As many existing permit holders will not be working on campus, all existing permits remain suspended and payments will not be restarted.  
  • Blue Badge holders are not affected by these changes and will continue as usual. If you require accessibility support, please email the car parking team.  
  • Reserved bays will be available in the multi-story car park for staff arriving after 9.30am. These will be clearly marked and anyone parking in these spaces between 6am – 9.30am risk receiving a parking charge notice. 

Interim permit  

To support our plans to gradually reopen campus, we are introducing a new interim parking permit for staff which will be valid from 7 September until social distancing measures are lifted.  

  • In order to obtain an interim permit, you must apply online via the via the ParkIT webpage. Please note, to access the ParkIT website off campus you need to log in via the Virtual Windows Desktop.  
  • Everyone who applies for a permit will receive one and all permits will be automatically allocated following completion of the application form.   
  • The number of applications will be continuously monitored and the allocation process reviewed if demand becomes too high. Any changes will be communicated directly to permit holders and all staff via the coronavirus website and all staff eNewsletters. 
  • All permits issued within the interim period are for this period only and will not affect applications or be carried forward beyond this. 

Interim permits cover a minimum of one month and will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis. They can be cancelled by emailing the car parking team.  

Car parking charges (for interim permits)

The cost of the interim permit is based on salary and will be deducted through University payroll monthly, as detailed below: 

  • Salary up to £24,461 = £18pcm 
  • Salary £24,461.01 upwards = £25pcm 

Apply for a permit now using the ParkIT webpage – to access the ParkIT website off campus, you need to log in via the Virtual Windows Desktop. If you are unable to apply online, then please contact you line manager or email the car parking team for assistance. 

Please note:  

  • Interim permits will operate under the existing parking permit terms of use which can be viewed on the car parking website. 
  • No parking will be available for students during core hours (7am – 5pm, Monday – Friday). 

Existing annual permit holders  

As an existing permit holder your permit will continue to be suspended and you will not be charged any annual deductions throughout this period. All current 2020 permit discs will not be valid for parking on campus from 7 September. 

To park on campus from 7 September you must either: 

We are unable to support car sharing applications at this time. 

Existing motorcycle permit holders  

All existing permits are being cancelled from 7 September 2020, and anyone who wants to re-apply for a motorcycle permit can do so via the ParkIT webpage (please note, you can only access this link through the Virtual Windows Desktop). 

Free parking on campus ends at 7am on the 7 September and a valid permit will then be required. 

Motorcycle permits are being cancelled to ensure that staff who are working from home and don’t need to park on campus are not required to pay their annual permit deductions. 

Daily parking and visitors 

A new daily parking rate of £5 applies to infrequent staff users parking on campus. This is available by collecting a QR code from the barrier on Woodhouse Lane between 8am – 4pm. Please bring your staff ID card with you. Spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  

Visitor parking will be available at a cost of £7 per day and must be booked using the ParkIT webpage. To access the ParkIT website off campus, you need to log in via the Virtual Windows Desktop.  

Contact us 

If you have any questions on car parking at the University then please visit the car parking webpage or get in touch with the Car Parking team.  


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