University backgrounds for Teams

Recreate iconic campus scenes from the comfort of your own home by downloading a new set of University backgrounds for use on Teams.

Brotherton Library reading room

Transform your kitchen into Clothworkers’ Court or your bedroom into the Brotherton Library with a simple click of your mouse. 

Got a sink-full of washing up behind you – just click on the delights of The Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery. Worried you don’t have a bookshelf crammed full of impressive academic annals – zoom in on the treasures of the Brotherton Library. 

Picture perfect photos of campus can be used as backgrounds for meetings, teaching and conferences, or simply for social calls with colleagues. They will also come in handy if you’re conducting interviews with the media.  

You can download the backgrounds from the IT website. But please note these can only be used in the desktop application of Teams, not the browser app.  

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