International Non-Binary People’s Day 2020

Colleagues are invited to help mark International Non-Binary People’s Day 2020 today (Tuesday 14 July).

International Non-Binary People’s Day 2020

It takes place on this date because it falls exactly halfway between International Women’s Day (8 March) and International Men’s Day (19 November). The day aims to celebrate the wide range of people worldwide who identify as non-binary and to raise awareness about issues they face.

Emily Towler, co-chair of the University’s LGBT+ Staff Network, said: “One of the best things about witnessing the cultural shift in the language of gender has been seeing people have the words to use to work through how they want to define themselves and move through the world, and a political awareness of the roots of gender and conceptions of its meaning.

“This is something that I’d struggled to give a name to for myself for many years. But I’ve been really lucky to live and study in Leeds, a place where I’ve had the freeing experience of developing an understanding of my own non-binary identity, and had places to explore and be playful with what gender can mean.

“Everyone should have the right to bodily autonomy and self-determination, so please support and stand with non-binary people and organisations to help make this a reality.”

Online events

Non-Binary Leeds has announced a programme of events to mark the date, including a coffee evening, film night and a number of short talks available on its YouTube channel. Visit the Non-Binary Leeds Facebook page for further information.


Stonewall – the UK’s leading lesbian, gay, bi and trans rights charity – has created a list of 10 ways to ‘step up’ as an ally to non-binary people. This also includes information about what non-binary refers to, as well as the differences between gender identity and gender expression.

In order to ensure we have the best resources and guidance to further progress our LGBT+ inclusion work, we joined Stonewall’s Diversity Champions Programme in January this year.

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