Healthy Week 2020: Thank you

This year was the first time Healthy Week has gone digital... and it’s been a great success!

It has been a successful year for Healthy Week, despite the challenges of going virtual

Healthy Week 2020 infographic

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Healthy Week moved online with a virtual programme to help staff, students and the wider community get active anywhere, anytime. 

This year’s events included more than 20 hours of live activities, as well as a range of written and pre-recorded content to help improve physical and mental wellbeing. 

More than 250 people registered and participated throughout the week, with hundreds more tuning in to our content on Instagram.  

This year also saw the advent of a week-long challenge to see how far we could collectively travel. A combination of running, walking and cycling clocked up 1,120 virtual miles, which is the same distance from campus to Venice, Barcelona or Vienna! 

Embracing technology was key to the success of this year’s Healthy Week. We used the new Microsoft Teams Live function to host events – as well as four other platforms – to make them as accessible as possible. 

Kate Petty, Physical Activity and Wellbeing Officer, said: “On behalf of the Healthy Week team, I’d like to thank all the staff that engaged with, and supported, Staff Healthy Week 2020.  

“It was the first time we’ve taken Healthy Week digital, which brought about new challenges, but it was great to see staff members from across the University come together to deliver and engage with the activities.

“Now more than ever, it’s important that we consider our own physical and mental wellbeing, and the activities this year were designed to support staff at home and bring about a sense of positivity and community.”

But the support for your physical and mental wellbeing doesn’t end with Healthy Week. Colleagues are still committed to providing health and wellbeing opportunities for you.  

There are still virtual activities you can get involved in: 

  • Digital physical activity and wellbeing classes – we are continuing to offer some virtual classes via Microsoft Teams Live for a limited period. The classes – high intensity interval training (HIIT), body weight conditioning and an upbeat class called Feel Good Friday – take place on a Wednesday and Friday.
  • Your Home, Your Move hub – Try these workouts and read wellbeing and nutrition blogs created by The Edge personal trainers and the Health and Wellbeing Team, to support you in staying active and healthy at home. 
  • Get Out, Get Active free running programmes – follow this nine-week Couch to 5K running programme and you will be able to run 5K without stopping. If you want to increase your running distance and set yourself a new challenge, try the 5K to 10K programme, which will have you running a 10K within 12 weeks. 

Visit the Sport and Physical Activity website for further information.

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