Award honours outstanding efforts to inspire international students

Staff and students promoting the internationalisation of Leeds have been recognised for their outstanding efforts.

More than 2,800 nominations were received for this year’s Leeds Partnership Awards

Leeds Partnership Awards 2020 winners. May 2020

In the second of a regular feature series – profiling winners in all 14 categories of this year’s prestigious Partnership Awards – we are highlighting the incredible accomplishments of recipients of the Global accolade.

The coveted awards celebrate those people who truly put into practice the Leeds Partnership – an agreement setting out our shared commitment to work together to support all aspects of our University community.

Global Award

The Global Award celebrates staff members, students or groups who work with a global focus. A new award this year, it aims to recognise excellence among those who have actively engaged in the promotion and maintenance of international or intercultural activities, education or competence. It also recognises those who are involved in the internationalisation of the University or Leeds University Union, formally or otherwise.

Partnership Awards Global Award winners. July 2020

Dr Adam Strickson, staff winner of the Global Award

Creating a deep sense of belonging

The staff winner is Dr Adam Strickson, a Teaching Fellow in Theatre and Writing in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries.

Dr Strickson was chosen for his engagement with 6 million+, a charitable trust developing a programme of information, education, creative arts and live events to explore connections between the Holocaust and the experience of persecuted minorities in the world today, especially those people who seek sanctuary in our community, such as refugees.

Gunjan Dixit, an MA student of Applied Theatre and Intervention, was among the many people who nominated Dr Strickson for the award.

He said: “His work has not only created an impact amongst the local community members but has also allowed international students to be engaged with such an integral project.

“The fact this year a few of us were heavily involved with the project, and could feel close to the community here to work around such a sensitive topic through the medium of theatre and art, has helped us feel a deep sense of belonging and has also encouraged us to think of using art to talk about global peace in our respective countries as well.

“I am sincerely grateful for him and the entire team’s work, and also take this opportunity to thank him for inspiring us to be a part of it as well.”

Dr Strickson said: “I am very honoured to be the first staff winner of the new Global Award.

“I am delighted to share this with all my student collaborators in the School of Performance and Cultural Industries and the refugees, artists and local people we work alongside at the 6 million+ Charitable Trust in Huddersfield and Dewsbury.”

Partnership Awards Global Award winners. July 2020

Frank Chen is the student winner of the Global Award

Proactive and positive

The student Global Award winner is Frank Chen.

Frank was chosen for his work as a Help and Advice Desk Assistant at the Careers Centre, for the communication team at Leeds University Union (LUU) and in the Language Centre.

Careers Consultant, Marc Steward, was among those to nominate Frank for the award. He said: “For the past year, Frank has been incredibly proactive on campus regarding helping his fellow international students, all while studying for his degree.

“Frank has assisted [International Employer Engagement Manager] Jan Spalek and myself in organising careers and employability activities for our international students.

“Frank has worked with us while undertaking his core work on the help desk, which is to assist students with various questions and enquiries about the services we offer. Frank has been an incredible help in assisting our Chinese student cohort, as well as all the other students who visit.

“Frank also works on the communication team at LUU, specifically creating and writing content for the LUU WeChat account. He is incredibly supportive of my work and has promoted my workshops among classmates and friends, highlighting the benefit to them in terms of their career goals.

“Frank has also worked at the Language Centre on campus. His role there was to help on reception and to send out the weekly newsletter to partner departments on campus.

“I applaud his initiative, proactive and positive nature and his very kind support of the work I have done with international students in recent times.”

Frank said: “I am honoured to receive the student Global Award.

“I have simply worked to promote an intercultural campus and to ensure that international students feel included and supported by our University and Union.

“I am extremely happy to see my supportive and positive attitudes, valuable knowledge and feedback are recognised and help not only international students' academic life but also their career goals.”

Further information

More in-depth profiles of each of the winners will appear on the For Staff website during the coming weeks. These will also be promoted via the fortnightly All Staff enewsletters and the Staff Twitter account.

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