Audio Video Recording Policy – Have your say

Colleagues are invited to have their say as we review and update our Audio Video Recording Policy.

The policy was introduced in 2014, alongside the implementation of the Mediasite Lecture Capture Multimedia Management system. It is now appropriate to review and update it, as a result of a number of internal and external drivers.

Our recording of educational activities is an important part of the University’s strategy to enhance the quality of the student experience, and we regard recording as part of mainstream academic work. 

Recordings support the Inclusive Teaching Practice baselines, and help ensure the teaching and learning requirements of our diverse student population are met. Recordings of educational activities are often invaluable to those students whose circumstances mean they cannot otherwise fully benefit from this, including those with disabilities.    

The policy has been be updated to:

  • reflect our position on the importance of recordings of learning and teaching activities, in line with our Inclusive Teaching Practice baselines, and the role of audio and video recordings to support inclusivity and accessibility
  • clarify the exceptions to recording, which require Head of School approval, and removing opt-out where a disabled student requires access to a recording
  • include statements about the use of lapel microphones when teaching, and to introduce captioning of audio and video recordings; to provide students with inclusive learning content and to meet the requirements of the EU Web Accessibility legislation, which comes into force in September 2020 
  • reduce the automated publication time from 72 hours to 48 hours, as a result of student demand, and evidence of lack of widespread editing of recordings prior to publication;
  • address specific issues, such as our position on the use of recordings for performance management; the use of recordings when staff leave the University; student recordings and ownership; reference to the lecture capture retention/deletion policy and access to recording downloads.

An updated policy is provided here for consultation with all staff, and the documents are being considered at Faculties Taught Student Education Committees and within Services. The policy is also being consulted with the campus trade unions and Leeds University Union. 

Following the consultation, final versions of the updated policy will be presented to the UEG, Taught Student Education Board (TSEB) and the Senate in June/July. 

Please provide feedback on the proposed policy changes or the updated Heads of School guidance document by Wednesday 17 June.

Please note these documents have been updated since circulation to TSEB and the campus trade unions in April, as well as consultation with UCU. These consultations are ongoing.

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