Guidance to help support colleagues and students experiencing domestic abuse

New guidance to help managers and colleagues support staff and students, or those who are themselves experiencing domestic abuse, has been published by the Equality Policy Unit.

The guidance – Domestic Abuse: Protecting and Supporting Staff and Students – outlines the University’s responsibilities and commitments to support employees and students who are experiencing domestic abuse.

It also provides information on the practical aspects of support that can be given, such as adjustments to work/study tasks and locations, residential locations, car parking provision, flexible working, agreed periods of leave/absence and safety planning.

It includes a comprehensive list giving details of further support available within the University, and other external agencies and organisations offering specialist domestic abuse support and advice.

The current lockdown due to coronavirus (covid-19) has led to an increase in abusive behaviour and violence nationally, and the guidance will provide a first line of support for staff and students who are experiencing domestic abuse. It will also enable managers, personal tutors, supervisors and colleagues to provide initial help and advice through the coronavirus lockdown and beyond.

The guidance will be regularly reviewed and colleagues are encouraged to provide feedback and information that can be used to ensure it is a useful, valuable resource, via the contacts below.

Colleagues from across the University, including LUU, Student Education Service, HR, Staff Counselling & Psychological Support Service and the trade unions, contributed to the guidance and will continue to be involved as the it is updated.

Further advice is available on our dedicated coronavirus webpages

Please contact Sarah Ward in the Equality Policy Unit for further information. 

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