Help cut our Christmas carbon emissions

We are committed to lowering our carbon emissions and the Christmas shutdown period gives us an opportunity to cut energy waste.

Help us reduce our energy consumption this Christmas

A picture of the Christmas tree outside the Great Hall. December 2019

By switching off equipment when the University is closed, you can help reduce our environmental impact.

Despite the majority of the University estate being closed during the Christmas period, we still used a total of 155,000 kWh of electricity and 143,000 kWh of heat on Christmas Day 2018. To put that into context, this is as much electricity as 40 average UK homes use in a full year!

This Christmas, the shutdown period runs from Tuesday 24 December 2019 to Wednesday 1 January 2020. And with your help, we can reduce our energy consumption during this period.

Before you leave, you can help by:

  • switching off lights and closing windows
  • ensuring as much lab equipment as possible is turned off before you leave – drying cabinets and incubators etc.; and
  • checking IT equipment, including screens and projectors.

Don’t forget less obvious energy wasters, too. Printers, hot water boilers and microwaves can all be unplugged during Christmas.

We understand some equipment is required to maintain safety or is being used for research purposes and therefore needs to remain on. However, any equipment not affected by this, which can be turned off, will help us meet our carbon reduction targets, as well as reduce costs to the University.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you have a great Christmas!

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