Have you accessed your free LinkedIn Learning account?

Use it for your personal and professional development, to build new skills in a subject you are passionate about or enhance the learning opportunities you provide.

A copy of the LinkedIn and Lynda logo. December 2019

You can search more than 15,000 courses by topic or select from a wide range of channels curated by experts, with subjects ranging from mindfulness to photography and creative design packages.

LinkedIn Learning also hosts resources recommended by colleagues across campus, which will be released throughout the year, covering everything from leadership and management to digital literacy and inclusive learning and teaching. 

The learning opportunities are virtually endless, and in addition to web access there are apps available for smart phones and tablets to ensure maximum flexibility in using and accessing the content.

For your students and postgraduate researchers, LinkedIn Learning can enhance the learning opportunities you provide, as it has a wealth of ready-made content that you can easily embed into your Minerva courses. For example, you can make use of modules on specialist software and skills for data analysis, as well as the professional skills that can help with presentations, teamwork, project management and more. 

Visit https://it.leeds.ac.uk/linkein for more information. December 2019

Accessing LinkedIn Learning is simple

You don’t need a LinkedIn account to access the learning. Simply login with your University of Leeds credentials at https://www.linkedin.com/learning or click the LinkedIn Learning tile in Minerva.

If you do have a LinkedIn account, you can synchronise it with your LinkedIn Learning account, giving you the benefit of your training record being retained should you move to another institution or organisation. 

See the LinkedIn Learning Guidance materials available in the IT Knowledge Base for further information.

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