Royal Institution Christmas Lecture live screening

Join us for an exclusive live screening on campus of one of the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures.

Book your place at our exclusive live screening of one of the Royal Institution’s Christmas Lectures, written and presented by mathematician and TV personality Dr Hannah Fry

Leeds will be screening Dr Hannah Fry's Christmas Lecture from the Royal Institution.

In this year’s series, entitled Secrets and lies: the hidden power of maths, mathematician and TV and radio personality, Dr Hannah Fry, will reveal the ways in which maths, rules and patterns influence our daily lives. The lectures will explore how miracles can be understood with probability, how big data dictates the trends we follow and how algorithms secretly influence our life choices.

You can see the second lecture in the series – streamed live from the Royal Institution – at Nexus on Saturday 14 December. There will be family activities from 4.30pm, followed by the live broadcast at 6pm. Tickets, priced £3, include a mince pie and a hot drink. Visit the University online store to book.

The Science and Media Museum in Bradford is hosting the first lecture on Thursday 12 December. Tickets are available from the museum website.

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