Makeover for University’s main entrance

Accessibility to campus has been further improved with the completion of a project to enhance the University’s main entrance.

The main entrance to campus has undergone major improvement works

Makeover for University’s main entrance. November 2019

The area where the Michael Sadler Building meets the side of the Parkinson Building previously had sloping feathered steps on one side, and uneven ground without a clear pathway on the other. The steps have now been removed and replaced with a green area featuring a newly planted semi-mature tree.

The seating area has been revamped, with more attractive furniture, improved landscaping and clear accessible routes from Woodhouse Lane onto University Road. This included removing a threshold step that made access under the archway difficult and could force people off the path and into the road.

The works are a continuation of the project that has made the Parkinson Building more accessible than ever. The steps have been replaced, handrails put in place and a new lift installed. This means that for the first time in its history, it is possible for all staff, students and visitors to enter the Parkinson Building together using the main entrance.

Dr Angharad Beckett, Associate Professor of Political Sociology and Joint Director of the Centre for Disability Studies, said: “I felt that I just must write to say thank you for the fantastic development of the Parkinson Building main entrance.

“The lift for wheelchair users, or anyone who cannot climb the steps, is wonderful. My students (past and present) in Disability Studies, plus the wider community of scholars and activists in this area in Leeds and beyond, are delighted to see it. They have observed that it is both beautiful and functional.

“The reaction has been that it conveys a powerful message about diversity and inclusion at this University. No longer will those with mobility impairments enter the iconic building of the University via a side entrance (’round the side’). Now they will enter via the front door, like everyone else.

“This is so important and something we are celebrating.”

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