Banner 9 upgrade ‘go live’ date

Upgraded student records system Banner 9 will be available to all users next month. *Please note information in this item is no longer in date.

Student records system Banner will be upgraded later this month. July 2019

*Please note: This news item has now been superseded with a new update from the Student Lifecycle Team, Banner 9 go-live delayed to allow for further testing

A phased switchover is planned from Monday 9 December to minimise risk to business as usual.

There will be no ‘turn off and turn on’ – both Banner 8x and Banner 9 will run concurrently until Friday 24 January to allow teams to decide the best time to switch, based on planned business activity. Your manager will inform you of the approach your team will be taking.

You may notice some members of your team are using Banner 9 earlier than Monday 9 December. These users have volunteered or been selected to be ‘early adopters’, so they can spot any issues with the new system before all users move across. They will also be using the time to experience working with the new system in a live environment, so they are able to support and guide their teams through the transition.

About 800 Banner users have now been on the system, or are booked to take part in Banner 9 training, and user acceptance testing is on track. Student Lifecycle Programme (SLP) Change Champions – representatives from the Student Education Service (SES) – who have been on the training have taken part in a focus group to look at the differences between Banner 8 and 9. When asked how confident they would feel about using Banner 9 – where one is ‘not at all’ and 10 is ‘completely’ – the average score was eight. Words used to describe the new system included ‘stylish’, ‘clear’ and ‘better’.

This is the final stage in the transition to a stable, supported version of Banner, following the move to Banner 8x earlier this year. However, the system includes all the complexities and customisations currently in Banner 8 and 8x, so it isn’t the finished product.

This stable platform forms the foundations of the work the SLP will be doing from now until 2022 to transform processes and ways of working, with up-to-date systems as a key enabler.

Book your place on Banner 9 training.

Please email the SLP team for further information about the Banner 9 plan.

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