Minerva access issues

Update on issues affecting colleagues and students.

As colleagues will be aware, Minerva has been experiencing issues this term impacting both staff and students.

We’re investigating the cause and our teams are doing everything possible to stabilise the system and make it available to users. We’ve put additional monitoring in place, and detailed work has been going on with the suppliers of the system to understand what is happening.

The good news is that Minerva is more stable than it was, and it is recovering from problems more quickly.

The less welcome news is that we do not have a definitive fix and must view the system as at risk for now.

We believe the cause of the problem is the hardware on which Minerva runs, which is now ready to be replaced. We’ll be carrying out that work in December, and we’re hopeful that by bringing the underlying technology up to date, we can provide a level of stability expected of a system so critical to learning.

Thank you for everything you have done to support our students when Minerva has been unavailable and our sincere apologies for the huge disruption that the outages have caused.

Advice given to students

Students have been emailed with an update on the issues Minerva is facing and provided with guidance and information on what to do if they cannot access the system.

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