Mental health support for staff

New guidance for colleagues and managers, that draws together all the support, resources, tools and good practice available at Leeds is now available to download.

We are committed to providing an environment that supports the mental health of all colleagues. Chiming with the major national NHS campaign ‘Every Mind Matters’, which launched on 7 October, our aim is to create a culture of openness and honesty around mental health issues in the workplace.

Everyone has a role to play in achieving that aim.

  • As colleagues, we can be aware of the types of support and resources that are available to help deal with mental health issues and how to access them.
  • As managers, we must understand our responsibility to recognise and respond supportively when colleagues experience mental health concerns in the workplace.

“The launch of this new guidance to support the mental health of our staff is a positive step for the University”, said Paul Veevers, Director of Wellbeing, Safety and Health.

“It was developed with support from key University stakeholders including the campus trade unions, and pulls together a consistent approach to support already available to colleagues from HR, Occupational Health, Staff Counselling and Psychological Support.

“The guidance encourages staff to raise concerns with their line managers or HR at an early stage so simple support mechanisms can be discussed. It also advises managers on where to signpost staff to – both internally and outside of the University.

“Further work has already begun to start looking at other HR-related policies including work-related stress.”

The staff guide offers information on: recognising and managing mental health issues; work related stress; reasonable adjustments; seeking advice; sources of information and support available at the University and externally.

The managers’ guide includes: how to recognise, respond and support colleagues in your team; practical guidance; processes you need to follow; steps to take; resources and useful contacts.

The guides are both available on the HR website.

For information about support for students please see the Student Education Service website

Photograph: Graeme Baxter 2019

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