Parkinson Building gets a face-lift!

One of the most iconic buildings on campus has elevated its profile with the installation of a new lift.

The main entrance to the Parkinson Building is now fully accessible for the first time in its history

Parkinson Building gets a face-lift! October 2019

Following a detailed scheme of improvement works, which also included upgrading the steps and handrails, the University has made it possible for all staff, students and visitors to enter Parkinson Building using the main entrance for the first time in its history.

Len Wilson, Deputy Director of Estates, said: “The University makes every effort to improve accessibility across campus.

“The Parkinson steps have been an iconic gateway to the University since its opening in 1951. Although a major focal point for student and visitor gatherings, the steps have been one of the most inaccessible parts of campus. The University has been keen to address this and ensure all staff, students and visitors are able to enter this iconic building via the same entrance, have the same experience and be equally inspired.”

As part of our continued commitment to equality and inclusion, we strive to create an environment where everyone can access our campus, have an opportunity to participate in, and contribute to, our activities, allowing everyone to reach their full potential.

Sabiha Patel, Head of Equality and Inclusion, said: “I am grateful to the University and delighted with this development to Parkinson Building.

“Full access to our buildings is an essential first step to inclusion. Everyone should now be able to enter the building easily and take advantage of all the opportunities it affords.”

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