Changing password

All staff members have been asked by the University Secretary to change their password.

Please follow these instructions for registering with SSPR and changing your password 

A copy of the email follows: 

Dear colleague,

You will be aware that the University is facing almost constant cyber-attacks and other attempts to compromise its information security. To help protect ourselves against such attacks, we are amongst other things seeking to improve the strength of password protection. In that context, most staff will now need to change their passwords. I am writing therefore to ask you, please, to change your password within the next ten days – unless, that is, you have changed it since 6 March 2019.

In order to make this easier for you, a Self Service Password Reset (SSPR) facility has been introduced.  (Once you are registered with this service, it will allow you to reset your password and also to unlock your account if you have given an incorrect password too many times.)

What you need to do

  1. Register for SSPR service as soon as possible. If you have not done this by 10 October, you will be prompted to do so each time you login to Instructions on how to register for SSPR service
  2. Once you are registered with the SSPR service, change your password. We realise that staff have many different computing environments with different devices, using different browsers and accessing different applications. This can make changing your password challenging – so please follow these instructions before attempting to change your password.

What happens next? 

From 15 October we will start forcing staff to change their passwords (if they have not already done so). If you have not changed your password by then, you will receive an email reminder and, a week later, if you have still not changed your password, you will be forced to do so the next time you login.

More information

For further information on SSPR please see these Frequently Asked Questions. If you encounter problems, please log them on the IT website and appropriate assistance will be provided.


Roger Gair
University Secretary

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