Web accessibility awareness training: book your place

Colleagues who manage and contribute content to websites can sign up for training. A further session has been added.


Our websites and web systems are covered by new legislation, which sets a higher expectation for digital accessibility. These training sessions will ensure we are complying with these regulations.

In-depth sessions - new date added

Who should attend?

If you manage a website or system, manage other content contributors or train others to undertake these tasks, these sessions will give you more detail about the legislation, how to comply and useful tools. They will also cover some of the technical aspects of compliance.

This two-hour session will run three times. Places are available on 8 October and please check event links as there places may become available on other dates:

Training is also being organised for colleagues in technical roles.

Accessibility awareness sessions

If you contribute content to a website or system, this training will give an overview of the legislation and how to comply.

This one-hour session has now run twice and the presentations will be shared with staff later in October.

In line with the new legislation, the University published an updated accessibility statement on the University website on Monday 23 September. This has been prepared for all our websites and web-based systems.

The statement follows a Government template and sets out our current level of compliance and plans for remediation. Further work is planned to help improve the accessibility of websites and systems.

Contact Head of Digital Communications, Hannah Love, via email or call 0113 343 4100 (x34100) if you have any questions about the training sessions.

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