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Access thousands of courses for free through LinkedIn Learning

Access thousands of courses for free through LinkedIn Learning. September 2019

LinkedIn Learning provides a great opportunity to gain some new skills or brush up on your existing expertise – from IT systems, including subject specialist software, to leadership and management modules – at a time and place convenient to you.

You can search more than 14,000 courses by topic or select from a wide range of channels curated by experts. And look out for resources recommended by colleagues at Leeds – to be released throughout the year – on topics ranging from digital literacy to inclusive learning and teaching.

For academic colleagues, LinkedIn Learning can enhance the learning opportunities you provide for students and postgraduate researchers, such as specialist software, skills for data analysis and the professional skills that can help with presentations, teamwork and more. These can help bridge the gap between the career they want and the skills they need. You can embed content in Minerva courses and a guide has been produced for this purpose.

When you register for a LinkedIn Learning account, the University will share some data about you with LinkedIn. This is listed in the LinkedIn Learning User Guide, which can be found in the IT Knowledge Base. LinkedIn Learning will provide this information back to the University with details on the courses viewed. This helps us report on usage to ensure the resource is providing the expected benefits to users

You don’t need a LinkedIn account to access courses. Simply login to LinkedIn Learning with your University credentials or select the link provided in Minerva. In addition to web access, there are apps available for smartphones and tablets to ensure maximum flexibility in using and accessing the content.

If you do have a LinkedIn account, please note you can synchronise with your LinkedIn Learning account, with the added benefit your training record is retained should you move organisation.

The project delivery group will be evaluating use of the service throughout the year to inform recommendations for a longer-term subscription. The group is keen to receive feedback on your experience of using the LinkedIn Learning courses – further details to follow during the course of the year. We will also be seeking feedback from students. 

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