Improving how we deliver change

Helping improve results by delivering change at the University just got a little easier!

Reviewed and refreshed: A Practical Guide to Delivering Results

Improving how we deliver change. September 2019

We are all impacted by change on a daily basis, whether it is leading it, delivering it or being affected by it.

There are times when sharing ideas or ways of doing things save us from 'reinventing the wheel', giving us a good place to start our thinking.

A cross-University working group has met regularly to further improve this process, supplying many tools and templates, as well as providing valuable feedback on the use of the tools at Leeds. The output of all this work is A Practical Guide to Delivering Results, launched in 2017 and available online as well as in booklet format.

An in-depth review and refresh of the guide has been undertaken during the summer, as part of our continuous improvement objectives to ensure the framework offers the right support for those interested, or involved in, delivering change. The toolkit has been given a new look and feel, comprehensive guidance is available and some brand new templates have been created. This framework can be tailored to suit change activity of all scales and complexity, and offers flexible support if you are leading change or will be affected by it, with the ability to pick and mix from the tools on offer.

A brand new Practical Guide to Documenting and Designing Processes has also been launched, providing a vast range of business and process analysis tools and methodologies you can employ to help understand, evaluate or design processes in your team.

More information and copies of the Principles for Delivering Change posters and pocket guides are also now available. These are a summary of considerations when planning to implement change at Leeds.

These resources are intended to support a network of colleagues across campus to provide a space to share ideas, good practice and ask for advice. As part of this network, quarterly newsletters are produced and events are run based on elements and themes of the framework. Please get in touch or join the Yammer Delivering Results Community group to get involved.

Visit the Delivering Results website for further information or to download the templates. Print copies of the guides and handouts can be requested via email.

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