30-minute stoppage for climate crisis on 20 September 2019

A protest is taking place as part of a global campaign to take action on the climate crisis. We share the deep concern and accept the need for comprehensive, sustainable and enduring action.

Photograph of the Great Hall

We build on firm foundations of world-leading climate research, a strong focus on sustainability and our sector-leading education programmes. We have also made social and civic responsibility a key focus in our developing University strategy and we are keen to support the young people (including our own students) who are drawing attention to the need for action on Friday 20 September. 

It has been agreed that we will support the call for a 30-minute stoppage and your participation on that day, which is in addition to any allocated time for lunch.

Colleagues from Sustainability will also be available between 11am and 3pm on the Precinct outside the Clothworkers’ Building South on Friday 20 September where you can learn more about what the University is doing and feed in your ideas to shape our future approach. You can attend the interactive stall to discuss the development of the University’s Climate Change Plan and our pledge to remove single-use plastic by 2023. 

How do I participate?

All staff are free to participate if they can. The official stoppage period is for 30 minutes between 12.00 and 12.30 on Friday 20 September, and you can use the time as you wish. If you have something important to do at midday on 20 September, then you may wish to show your support earlier or later in the day.

What can I use the time for?

The stoppage is an expression of solidarity with young people protesting about climate change. We are aware that our recognised trades unions will be supporting the youth activities in Leeds city centre on that day and you may wish to join them.

Do I have to participate?

No. It is a personal choice whether to participate.

What if I want to participate for longer than half-an-hour?

The University is supporting the 30-minute stoppage only and we trust you to observe this appropriately. This is in addition to any allocated time for lunch. 

Could I take time on a different day?

No. The protest in Leeds and the stoppage is planned for Friday 20 September. A significant purpose of the event is to show solidarity by all participating on the same day.

Do I need to let my line manager know?

Yes please.  As a courtesy you should let your line manager know that you intend to join the stoppage. The purpose of the stoppage is to show solidarity with those protesting and not to disrupt the work of the University, so please talk to your colleagues and plan your work accordingly. 

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