Women of Achievement 2018: Professor Wändi Bruine de Bruin

In the latest of our regular feature series – profiling all 15 of the 2018 Women of Achievement Awards winners in turn – we are highlighting the accomplishments of Professor Wändi Bruine de Bruin.

Women of Achievement 2018: Professor Wändi Bruine de Bruin. September 2019

Professor Bruine de Bruin holds a University Leadership Chair in Behavioural Decision Making at the Leeds University Business School, where she also serves as Director of the Centre for Decision Research and Deputy Director of the Priestley International Centre for Climate.

She conducts psychological research on promoting better decision-making competence and related outcomes across the adult life span. Her research is of immense interest to academics and practitioners who seek to improve how people make decisions about their personal finances, health, sustainability and climate change.

Professor Bruine de Bruin was made a Fellow of the Psychonomic Society (US) – the international society for experimental psychologists who study how the mind works. She received a Fellowship for her research on behavioural decision making, which aims to understand and inform how people make decisions in different domains.

Professor Bruine de Bruin was also made a Fellow of the Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging, and Retirement (NETSPAR), which unites economists, other academics and pension providers to contribute to the continuous improvement of strategies for successful ageing and retirement.

During her NETSPAR Fellowship, Wändi will conduct research on designing pension communications that promote better pension-related decisions, with economists at the University of Maastricht’s School of Business and Economics in the Netherlands and pension providers at NEST (UK).

The Women of Achievement Awards recognise the significant contribution and impact women at Leeds are making across our institution and beyond.

Held for the fifth time last year, the Awards are a key part of our Leeds Gender Framework. They are integral to our commitment to further promote and accelerate gender equality, support the career development of talented women in all areas of the organisation, and provide high-visible role models that will inspire others to develop and thrive.

The outstanding achievements of 15 female colleagues and students were recognised at last year’s Women of Achievement Awards.

They celebrate the significant contributions and impact the winners have made across the University and beyond. The women receiving awards were all nominated by their peers, and represent academic and professional staff, as well as students, and are drawn from across campus.

They all share a common commitment to excellence and have performed outstandingly in their fields, whether this be in research, student education or student experience, scholarship, leadership of key University initiatives, or supporting administrative and technical activities.

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