Lecture Capture deletion and retention policy update

The Lecture Capture deletion and retention policy is changing ahead of new hosting arrangements being implemented – read about what this means for content owners.

Lecture capture July 2019

A new project, now in its early stages, will see the Lecture Capture system move from being hosted on campus, onto new hardware in the cloud. This move will increase reliability, performance and ensure that the system remains in alignment with future technological changes.

Ahead of the move, a change to the lecture capture deletion and retention policy will be implemented from 1 September 2019, whereby scheduled lecture recordings will only be retained for a period of two years. This applies to recordings created prior to, and after, 1 September 2019.

This new policy has been agreed by the Digital Education Committee and Taught Student Education Board, and only applies to recordings of teaching sessions – for example automatic lectures managed via the timetable system. This does not apply to storage of ad-hoc recordings, personal captures or any other content, such as uploading files manually to Mediasite, which is managed via the quota system.

What will this mean for content owners?

The impact for scheduled module content owners will be as follows:

  • Scheduled lecture recordings will be kept for a period of two years. Example deletion dates are provided in the table below:
Date recording created Date recording will be deleted 
All scheduled recordings created prior to 1 September 2017 1 September 2019 
30 September 2017  29 September 2019 
20 October 2018  19 October 2020 
15 November 2019  14 November 2021 
  • A new process will run each night on the scheduled module content and remove any content older than two years. Content will be held in a centrally managed recycling bin for 90 days. Content owners who want to keep any content beyond the two years will need to proactively take action to store any content they want to keep in their own personal storage quota. Details on how to download and save your Mediasite content can be found on the IT website.
Please contact the IT Service Desk if you have any questions and for further information.

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