Help save energy at Easter

We are committed to lowering our carbon emissions and the Easter shutdown period gives us an opportunity to reduce energy waste.

Help save energy at Easter. April 2019

On Christmas Day 2018, we saved an additional 8.1% of electricity compared to what we used on the same date the previous year. That’s an additional saving of 11,582 kWh – the same amount of energy it would take to cook 1,447 turkeys!

And last Easter Sunday, we saved 3,435 kWh compared to the previous year – that’s enough energy to power lights for 100m² of office space during working hours for 28 days!

So, let’s try and do the same again this Easter. Before you leave for your break, you can help by:

  • switching off lights and closing windows
  • ensuring as much lab equipment as possible is turned off before you leave; and
  • checking IT equipment is turned off, including screens and projectors.

We understand some equipment is required to maintain safety or is being used for research purposes and therefore needs to remain on. However, any equipment not affected by this can be turned off to help us meet our carbon emissions targets and reduce costs to the University.

See the Campus Developments website for further information.

Thank you for your support.

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