Around the world in 80 soirees!

Leeds alumni all over the globe helped mark the fourth annual Big Get Together (BGT) by holding 80 events worldwide.

Party time in Abuja, Nigeria, for the Big Get Together 2019

Party time in Abuja, Nigeria, for the Big Get Together 2019

And the stats prove it was a huge success, with a thousand alumni in 46 countries joining in the celebrations between 21 and 24 March.

Indoor snowboarding? That was Taipei. Board games? Nairobi. Tapas? Madrid. And plenty of drinks, meals and memories being shared in almost every continent besides.

The Wuhan ‘clan’ fly the flag for Leeds. April 2019The Wuhan 'clan' in China fly the flag for Leeds 

Leeds, of course, had its own BGT, with alumni still in the city meeting up for after-work drinks.

The Leeds alumni community is huge. And it’s growing bigger and more far flung every year. And our BGT organisers give alumni wherever they are the opportunity to reconnect and make new friends.

Big Get Together 2019 Vancouver. April 2019Our Canadian contingent in Vancouver are cock-a-hoop!

That’s just what Edidiong Amos did when he brought 30 alumni together in Abuja, Nigeria.

He said: “The BGT is not just a way of coming together to wine and dine but to connect with people who have shared a lot in common through their life’s journey. It doesn’t matter the year of graduation, age, religion, race or skin colour – what matters are the values passed on.”

London calling for the Big Get Together 2019. April 2019London calling for the Big Get Together 2019 

The BGT will return in 2020. As ever, it’s just a part of the many events, news and opportunities provided for Leeds alumni throughout the year. If you’re a Leeds alum, make sure you’re a part of it. Visit the Leeds alumni website to keep in touch.

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