Asbestos protocol update

The updated Health and Safety Protocol on Asbestos with guidance on how you can support the management system is now live.

We have a clear management system in place that considers all aspects of asbestos safety. This is achieved through the asbestos management plan, register, surveys and removals - which are all run by the Asbestos Management team.

There are some key things you can do to support this:

  • Contact the team before carrying out any work likely to disturb the fabric or fixtures of all:
    - buildings built before 2000;
    - equipment which may contain asbestos (eg fume cabinets, fire doors, high temperature ovens and kilns).

  • Contact the team before fixing anything (eg posters, etc) to walls with textured coatings (eg Artex, cement panels, etc).

  • Notify the FD Estates Helpdesk of any inadvertent damage to the fabric of the building or services, or to any equipment suspected to contain asbestos.

  • If you require access to plant rooms, risers or ducts as part of your working activity, obtain authorisation by filling in the request form

If you need any help, information or support, please contact the Asbestos Management Team on 0113 343 5994 (x35994) or

For more information see the complete protocol.

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