Meet the 2019/20 Student Executive

The new Leeds University Union (LUU) Student Executive team has been voted in. Find out who they are and what they stand for.

Student Exec 2019/20 March 2019

The Student Executive are full-time members of staff within LUU, who represent all students at Leeds and have the power to make changes on their behalf.

Following four days of voting, with a total of 6,948 student votes cast, six candidates have been chosen to lead the Union and a new editor of The Gryphon has been elected.

The new LUU executive members are:

Activities Officer – Lydia Evans

Lydia pledges to:

  • lobby the University to invest more money into every society 
  • introduce mental health protocols into every society's institution; and 
  • create a fund to support students who want to access societies but can't afford them. 

Community Officer – Cat Fairbairn

Cait pledges to:

  • improve housing by making it more affordable, better quality and more accessible for all students 
  • bridge the gap with students and the community and introduce them to their neighbours and all Leeds has to offer 
  • help students manage their money with helpful workshops; and
  • focus on environmental and safety initiatives.

Education Officer – Abiha Khan

Abiha pledges to:

  • digitise core texts 
  • prioritise mental health with spaced-out deadlines and a dedicated wellbeing officer in each School 
  • increase informal student spaces; and 
  • support joint honours students.  

Equality and Diversity Officer – Chlo Elliot

Chlo pledges to:

  • diversify education with initiatives like furthering the 'Why is My Curriculum White?' work or implementing short-term financial relief for working class students
  • improve the experience for all students through training, including equality and diversity awareness training for societies, British Sign Language at Union events and more tailored advice for student groups; and
  • recognise more religious holidays and festivals on campus and create paid and volunteering opportunities for international students. 

Union Affairs Officer – Lauren Huxley

Lauren pledges to:

  • offer more from LUU, with more transparency regarding spending, valuing students through training and rewarding loyalty, and bringing the Exec to students
  • having better opportunities from an opportunities hub to linking with external and local organisations; and
  • improving spaces and accessibility to the Union and these spaces.

Welfare Officer – Amy Wells

Amy pledges to:

  • have a no-nonsense approach to mental health by improving in-School support 
  • making welfare fairer through cutting hidden course costs and continuing hate crime work; and 
  • promote student safety around drugs and sexual health.

Gryphon Editor – Ed Barnes

Ed pledges to:

  • make The Gryphon the go-to news source for students
  • expand The Gryphon's online presence; and 
  • increase diversity and representation. 

Elected students will take up their positions from July 2019, with posts running for the full academic year.

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