Celebrate Our Staff – February 2019

Here we celebrate our colleagues’ achievements across the University this past month.

Sheena Radford February 2019

Professor Sheena Radford, Astbury Professor of Biophysics, has been made an honorary fellow of St John’s College, University of Cambridge, where she started her research career. Her appointment was in recognition of her exceptional contribution in her field. She is internationally renowned for her research, which focuses on how proteins fold and unfold to cause disease. 

Read more about Professor Radford’s appointment.

The University has won three accolades at the WPM Education 2019 Annual Awards Ceremony this month. IT works with teams across the University, including the Treasury team, to ensure credit and debit card payments are processed securely. WPM Education provides the University's preferred ecommerce payment platform, processing more than £70m in 73,000 transactions per year.

Abi Shearsmith February 2019Abi Shearsmith, Head of Student Finance, received the Best Payment Acceptance Scorecard award on behalf of the University. The University scored highest amongst its peers in how it accepts payments on factors such as payer experience, staff efficiency, costs and payment security.

Abi said: “I’m thrilled we’ve been recognised as leading the way in payment acceptance best practise. The award represents a great cross service achievement within the University.”

Dave Neild February 2019Dave Neild and Simon Mander, WPM Principal Consultant

Kevin Darley February 2019Simon Mander, WPM Principal Consultant, Kevin Darley, and Holger Bollmann, WPM Director

Dave Neild and Kevin Darley, from the IT Assurance team, each won an Outstanding Contribution Award for their work with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Higher Education Special Interest Group (SIG), sharing their expertise of payment security with members of the Higher Education community.

David said: “Kevin and I are proud to have been recognised with an Outstanding Contribution Award by WPM. We have enjoyed sharing our time and expertise of payment card security with members of the Higher Education community to benefit our customers.”

Sue Deuchars February 2019
Dr Sue Deuchars
, Director of Research at the School of Biomedical Science, has been featured in a Technology Networks eBook called ‘Women in Science’. Published on International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the eBook celebrates the exceptional contributions female researchers are making to the world of science.

Dr Deuchars said: “I was really delighted to have been chosen to be featured in the eBook, amongst such inspirational females. I welcomed the chance to highlight how it is possible to have a successful academic career, having worked part-time for 17 years. I hope writing this may encourage others to consider similar academic paths.”

Read Dr Deuchars’ interview.

Cristina Leston Bandeira February 2019Professor Cristina Leston-Bandeira, Professor of Politics at the School of Politics and International Studies, has been elected Chair of the Study of Parliament Group. The group has brought together parliamentary officials and academics specialising on the study of Parliament for more than 50 years. Professor Leston-Bandeira has been a member of the group since 2003 and took over as Chair in January 2019 for a three-year term. This role recognises her valuable contribution to the study and research on Parliament.

Professor Leston-Bandeira said: “Being elected Chair of the Study of Parliament Group is a true privilege and I look forward to carrying on working with parliamentary officials and academics to support the study and research of Parliament, an increasingly important institution.”

Read more about Professor Leston-Bandeira’s appointment.

Nicola Heath February 2019Nicola Neath, staff counsellor, will present her acclaimed new book - To Be Met as a Person At Work: Attachment Theory in Action - on a panel at the national Health and Wellbeing at Work conference in Birmingham on Wednesday 6 March. The publication is based on pilots carried out at the University, with the findings now incorporated into Organisational Development and Professional Learning’s training sessions.

Nicola said: “Our passion at the Staff Counselling Psychological Support Service is to work with staff in ways that grow understanding and skills about balancing our emotional and relational needs with work commitments and challenges. My book conveys a structured group process for exploring how our emotions and relational needs play out in the workplace.

“I was delighted to honour the journey that I and the group of staff who participated took and the impact it had."

Ramzi merabet February 2019Ramzi Merabet, Postgraduate Pesearcher at the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, won first and second place at the Leeds Doctoral College Image of the Year competition with his photos ‘The Docks of Interculturality’ and ‘Let’s blossom’ respectively.

Docks of interculturality February 2019The Docks of Interculturality

Let's blossom February 2019Let’s blossom

Ramzi said: "I am honoured to have been awarded the first and second prizes. This will definitely motivate me, both in completing my research and in developing my photography skills. Thanks to Leeds Doctoral College, which did its best to rearrange this event in perfect conditions."

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