Register your interest in joining new Muslim Staff Network

A new group is aiming to provide a community for self-identifying Muslims to come together to create dialogue about their faith, as well as the wider societal issues surrounding inclusion.

Sharif Patel, a Buyer at the University, has formed the Muslim Staff Network after hearing from several people seeking a place to talk, convene, commune and share experiences with like-minded friends.

Sharif, who will chair the Network, said: “Muslim staff add a richness to our campus and enhance the culture here at Leeds. 

“Since this is just the start of the Muslim Staff Network, I will work with colleagues to understand and establish how the network will run and what it will look like. Having more people join the Network will help us move things forward.

“The Network aims to create a healthy environment for debate that provides solutions to staff needs. I want to strike up a conversation to help people understand more about us, our culture and religion.”

Head of Equality and Inclusion, Sabiha Patel, added: “I hope the new group will enable members to engage with their peers in a professional network and celebrate Muslim life on campus. I also hope it will complement the support offered by the University’s Muslim Chaplain, Farhat Yaqoob.”

Contact Sharif to register your interest in joining the Network or for further information.

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