Brexit: Arrangements for EU nationals in a no deal scenario

In the event that the UK leaves the EU without a deal, the government has outlined the arrangements for European Economic Area (EEA) and Swiss nationals arriving after 29 March 2019.

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In a no deal scenario, the government will seek to end free movement as soon as possible, but will put in place a temporary transitional period, from 30 March 2019 until 31 December 2020.

During this time period, EEA and Swiss nationals and their non-EEA/Swiss national family members will still be able to enter the UK, as they do now, and stay for up to three months to visit, work or study.

Staying longer

Those who wish to stay in the UK for more than three months will need to apply for European Temporary Leave to Remain (ETLR). Applications will be online and can be made either before travelling to the UK, or within three months of arriving. The ETLR will be valid for three years and fees for this application will be set out a later date.

Non-EEA/Swiss family members will need to apply for a family permit in advance of travelling to the UK.

ETLR applicants will need to prove their identity and be subject to criminality and security checks before ELTR is granted. Those who wish to stay longer than three years will need to make a further application under the new skills-based future immigration system, which will begin from 2021.

These arrangements will not apply if you’re:

  • a UK resident before 29 March 2019 - your rights are secured under the EU Settlement Scheme, even if you have not yet applied
  • an EEA/Swiss national arriving after 29 March 2019, who used to live in the UK before 29 March
  • an Irish national, your rights are secured under Common Travel Area arrangements.

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