EU Settlement Scheme fee waiver

The Prime Minister has announced (21 January) that EU nationals applying for the EU Settlement Scheme will not have to pay a fee when the scheme is fully rolled out by 30 March.

Further details are yet to be announced by the Home Office, but we understand that:

  • applications made on or after 30 March 2019 will be free of charge
  • anyone who has, or will, apply during the test phases will have their fee reimbursed.

Pending further information from the Home Office, the University's reimbursement scheme will remain open to employees wishing to reclaim the £65 application fee.

To claim, please visit e-expenses and log in in with your normal username and password. The details and conditions of the reimbursement scheme, and step by step guidance for completing a claim, are available in the Immigration Reimbursement Guidance document.

We’ve also widened the current interest free loan scheme if you need help with the cost of applying for your family.

You can read the full fact sheet on the EU Settlement Scheme fee waiver on GOV.UK

Information correct as of 23 January 2019.  

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