Professional behaviour and relationships at Leeds

The policy on staff relationships with students has now been replaced with a new code of conduct that offers expanded guidance and applies to all individuals working in connection with the University.


As one of the largest employers in Leeds we’re committed to ensuring all colleagues, including those working on behalf of the University, demonstrate high standards of professional conduct and that personal relationships in the workplace do not result in conflicts of interest and situations that might impair objective judgment.  

To ensure continued good professional behaviour and relationships in the University context, a code of conduct has been introduced. The code outlines:

  • the boundaries staff need to be aware of 
  • examples of behaviours that are unacceptable 
  • how to report inappropriate behaviour 
  • contact details for advice and support.  

The code also meets the growing requirements from research funding bodies who are keen to see, and have an interest in, how host institutions are preventing unprofessional behaviour.

The code comes into effect immediately and applies to all individuals involved or working with the University, including employees, workers, visitors, honorary staff, consultants, contractors and all students engaged in teaching or other work activities.

Training to support the implementation of the code is currently being developed and will be available to all colleagues to complete. This training will be mandatory for all employees.

If you have queries about any issues raised by the code, please contact your local HR manager or use the advice given on page three of the code to seek advice or support.

Access the Code of conduct on professional behaviour and relationships

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