Funding available for #2023PlasticFree campaign projects

Funding is now available to support research and innovation projects seeking solutions and alternatives to single-use plastics across the University.

Funding available for #2023PlasticFree campaign projects. December 2018

It was announced last month that we have teamed up with Leeds University Union (LUU) in pledging to become single-use plastic-free by 2023.

Single-use plastic items are designed to be used only once before they are thrown away or recycled.

The campaign – Single Out: 2023PlasticFree – crucially commits the University and Union to phase out single-use plastic across the board, not just in catering and office spaces.

The Sustainability Service has therefore launched a new application process for Leeds Living Lab funding, aimed at a collaborative approach to solutions to single-use plastic across research, teaching and operations.

Thom Cooper, Sustainability Programme Officer, said: “Collaboration and the use of the University as a test-bed are at the heart of the Leeds Living Lab, and these funds are to support projects that demonstrate sustainable improvement at the University through academic and operational partnerships. 

“We encourage colleagues to highlight particular challenge areas where further research or innovation is required in order to meet our 2023 target.”

How to apply

Applications are welcomed from all staff and students at the University and particularly those that develop new interdisciplinary collaborations. Applications will be assessed by Sustainability Steering Group members, with funding split into the following two categories:

  • Up to £2,000 seedcorn or match funding for collaborative research and/or trials of innovative solutions and alternatives to single-use plastics across the University. For example, this could involve the development of new materials or assessment and analysis of current practices or behaviours.
  • Up to £500 to support student curricular projects grants, such as dissertations or assessed projects, as part of a course or module.

Please complete the application form under the ‘Get Involved’ drop-down menu for either of the above categories, and return it by email before midnight on Friday 1 February 2019.

Email the campaign team with any questions or comments.

Support the #2023plasticfree pledge on Twitter @UoL_Sus and Instagram @uol_sus with your ideas.

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