Culture Theme pump priming scheme

The pump priming scheme is open to applications from members of the Culture Theme.

Culture Theme In Depth page. December 2018

Applications will usually be for a maximum of £1,000. Culture Theme projects that contain an international element can apply for a maximum of £2,000. 

Fund aim/strategic priorities and assessment criteria 

Applications for this fund will be considered against the degree to which projects address the fund aim and relevant strategic priorities, so it is very important that you explain these aspects of your project in your application. It is not expected that applications will address all of the strategic priorities.

The aim of the fund is to support the creation/development of collaborative interdisciplinary projects, which have the potential to develop into ambitious funding applications.

The strategic priorities of the scheme are to support projects that will:

  • have the potential to leverage external funding (usually in the form of large research grant applications)
  • fit within one or more of the Culture Theme’s subthemes
  • include membership from two or more faculties, research disciplines or University research themes
  • be international
  • include external collaborators, either from other research organisations and/or from other sectors entirely; and
  • produce high quality outputs and impact outcomes.

How to apply

Please complete the online application form

This scheme is open on a rolling basis with no fixed deadline – applications can be submitted at any time. The scheme will close once the funds for the year have been allocated. Decisions on applications will be made as soon as possible following submission, and within 20 working days at the latest. 

Applicant eligibility

  • applications must meet the scheme aim (to support the creation/development of collaborative interdisciplinary projects, which have the potential to develop into ambitious funding applications) 
  • lead applicants must be University of Leeds employees, who are registered members of the Culture Theme (though not all team members need to be staff at Leeds – external collaborators from any sector and/or PGR students can form part of a team); and
  • lead applicants must discuss their application before submission with the relevant Culture Theme subtheme lead, if appropriate.

Eligible costs

Eligible costs include:

  • catering costs
  • travel costs for the lead applicant and other project members
  • room/venue hire; and
  • engaging project-specific interns and/or research assistants.

Please note that the following are not eligible costs for this scheme:

  • buying out the time of staff who are already contracted at Leeds
  • IT/equipment purchase; and
  • conference attendance would not usually be a suitable cost for this fund.

Suitable applications may include (but are not limited to):

  • running pilot projects
  • providing focused research assistance
  • convening meetings/sandpits/events with collaborating academics/external partners; and
  • market analysis to demonstrate the need for future research.

If awarded, the lead applicant must agree to update the Culture Theme on the development and outcomes of the project at the required reporting points.

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