First Aid Boxes

What happens to the contents of your first aid box when the bandages reach their shelf life?

First Aid box and contents

As you may (or may not) be aware all First Aid supplies have a 3-year shelf life after which time they need to be disposed of. Peter Dawson, from the Faculty of Engineering, has been running a project to make sure these out of date supplies are put to good use.

Peter tells us, ”As I am responsible for around 80 labs, each of which has a First Aid box, I quickly realised that the amount of stock I was having to waste was substantial. I therefore got together with one of our academics (Dr Andrew Scott) and we arranged for all the out of date stock to be shipped out to a Romanian orphanage where they are now used to teach children the basics of first aid. This instils in the children a sense of achievement and pride whilst giving them some of the tools required for life after the orphanage. I now collect all the out of date first aid stock from across the Faculty and my next target is to see if I can roll this out across campus”.

If you are interested in contributing to this project please contact Peter:

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