First Responder training

Student Counselling Service and Organisational Development and Professional Learning (OD&PL) are delivering workshops to support staff who may receive a disclosure of a sexual nature from a student.

Sexual Violence Signposting v2 November 2018

The Receiving and Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence, Harassment and Abuse – First Responder training is a one-day interactive workshop designed to ensure colleagues, working in a broad range of roles, feel confident in how to receive and respond to student disclosures of sexual harassment and assault.

The training is suitable for all staff who interact with students and may be in a position of receiving a disclosure of sexual violence from a student.

  • The training considers the following:
  • sexual violence in HE
  • understanding and defining sexual violence
  • sexual violence and myths
  • the impact of sexual violence on survivors
  • barriers to disclosure
  • active listening skills
  • dos and don’ts when receiving a disclosure
  • care pathways; and
  • self-care and boundaries.

University Chaplain, Ryan Lindsey, who attended the training earlier this year, said: “I felt it was good training and necessary to understand what we can do when people who have been assaulted come to us. It gave me some tools, so when the situation did occur, I wasn’t walking into it blindly.”

Ryan wants to encourage people, especially men, to attend the training and recognise how important the role is. He added: “I think sometimes men underestimate the fact that they can receive a disclosure from a female. And so I’d like to see men understand they can play an active and encouraging role within it and it doesn’t just fall upon women to step in.”

Workshops will run throughout the academic year, with the next session on Tuesday 4 December.

See the University training catalogue for booking information and dates.

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