Tonight We Fly festival

Academics are invited to attend meals and conversations loosely themed around the past, present and future.

Tonight We Fly October 2018

Tonight We Fly, presented by Fuel, is a week of events between Tuesday 30 October and Saturday 3 November aimed at providing the people of Leeds with an opportunity to meet, talk and share their ideas and fears about society with artists, who will present their own work, invite conversation and respond, in the hope a better sense of community will emerge from the process.

As part of the event, three inspiring, thought-provoking, home-cooked, vegan meals hosted by Slung Low and Fuel – priced on a ‘pay what you decide’ basis – invite artists and academics to share a meal together and have a conversation about the world we live in.

The events, staged at Slung Low’s the HUB at 67-71 Bath Road in Holbeck, are:

Reflect on the past – Wednesday 31 October, 7.30 to 9pm

Consider the present Friday 2 November, 6 to 7.30pm

Hopes for the future – Saturday 3 November, 6 to 7.30pm

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If you would just like to attend a conversation, join artists, scientists and thinkers at informal conversations throughout the week. Have your say, ask your questions and hear from others. These events are:

Wound Back – Being Conscious Of The Past
Leeds Town Hall
Wednesday 31 October, 6pm

Suitable for anyone who might be interested in theatre, film, immersive experience, sociology, turning research/academia into art/creativity, etc.

Just Doing It – Making Queer Space Happen
Live Art Bistro, The Headrow
Thursday 1 November, 2.30pm

Suitable for anyone who might be interested in the impact of gentrification on queer-friendly spaces, gender, safe spaces, sexuality, etc.

Power – Question And Disrupt Current Structures
Slung Low’s the HUB, 67-71 Bath Road, Holbeck
Friday 2 November, 10am

Suitable for anyone interested in power dynamics, new world thinking, community/society structures, capitalism, etc.

Making Less Babies – Can We Save The Planet?
Slung Low’s the HUB, 67-71 Bath Road, Holbeck
Saturday 3 November, 3pm

Suitable for anyone interested in environmental science, radical sustainability, environmental science, population, evolution, behavioural science, capitalism, etc.

Kate McGrath, from Fuel, said: “Throughout this year, we’ve been talking to partners we know and love Leeds – where we’ve worked often and very happily during the past 14 years – trying to find a way to talk, to listen, to create space in our relationships for something to grow. And what’s grown is Tonight We Fly, a week-long conversation between theatre makers and the people of Leeds.”

Tickets for all events are also ‘pay what you decide’, in cash at the end.

Visit the Tonight We Fly website for further information about the festival and to download the full festival programme, which features more performances, talks, installations and discussions taking place across the city.

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